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June 23, 2010
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Fantasia: Spring Sprite by g0N3Morganna Fantasia: Spring Sprite by g0N3Morganna
Spring Sprite from Disney's Fantasia/2000

Been wanting to cosplay her for a couple years and finally pressed myself to have her made this year (10th anniversary n' all).

"The Firebird" is my favorite piece of animation ever and makes me bawl. Every. God. Damn. Time. It's a stellar piece of 2D animation and doesn't get the respect it deserves.

The makeup I got kinda sucked, so excuse my face. I'll be trying out a cream-based makeup next time, but this color is so tricky to match! Eyes are 'shooped. I had a bad experience with contacts once before and I'd rather not be all teary-eyed with a ton of face-makeup on..,

The wig was a labor of love. Seriously, I hand-teased that thing for 6 hours straight so it would get the volume I wanted. I recreated the butterflies/bugs that you see on the well-known closeup of the Sprite on pieces of craft foam. The ladybugs are wooden beads cut in half and painted.

Throughout the costume are green feathers that I hand-cut to look like vines. Another labor of love...and I painted all the leaves on the pre-made vines to match the rest of the costume.

Photo by Cyberbird!

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